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Farm to table snacks.
Handcrafted in Austin, TX.
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We combine the finest ingredients to create the perfect trail mix.
All organic, responsibly sourced, and handcrafted in Austin, Texas.
Organic • Gluten Free • Vegan • Paleo
Turlock, CA
Caldwell, TX
Santa Barbara, CA
Dark Chocolate Chips
San Francisco, CA
Whole Cranberries
Cape Cod, MA
Montmorency Cherries
Royal City, WA
Portland, OR
Wild Blueberries
Royal City, WA
Coconut Flakes
Portland, OR
Our Commitment to The Conservation Alliance

Shār is a perfect fuel for what moves you. Hiking. Biking. Climbing. Boarding. Enjoying nature’s riches. It’s a hyper-convenient source for nutrition on-the- go and a healthy snack that treats you and the planet with infinitely more respect.  Nine carefully curated ingredients balanced in perfect harmony and hand-selected from the finest organic farms on the planet. A planet we proudly give 20% of our net profits back to, through our continuous support of The Conservation Alliance helping preserve and protect our outdoor spaces.

Pour some shār in your hand. Place it in your mouth and taste a new world in trail mix. Welcome to a company that’s making a delicious difference every day. A difference you can taste. A difference you can make. By sharing the trail mix that gives back.

About Our Company

Peter Rushford grew up in Vermont and started his young adult career as a professional skier. Since 1990, he has worked as an independent sales rep in the Outdoor Industry, working for innovative companies with best in class products.

Peter started to develop what has become shār in order to fit his lifestyle and has spent years perfecting the recipe to create what we believe is the best tasting trail mix you can buy.

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