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Welcome to the Future of Sustainable packaging - plastic-free!
All packaging is 100% plastic-free
NEW! Chocolate Clusters!

Plastic-free packaging

100% organic & plant-based

Nine incredible ingredients

Sustainable snacking system

Earth-first ethos

Made for shāring

Enough yakking; let's get snacking

Ready to buy? Start with our 1lb shār-bag + 1 shār-tube: everything you need for 20 servings of impossibly good trail mix.


Hope you're hungry

We're in the kitchen, cooking up new snacks with the same commitment to taste, nutrition, and ethical production, and we're excited to shār the results. Stay informed about new plant-based offerings, coming soon.


I love shār. Perfect to throw into my bag for a day of climbing.

Sanni McCandles, co-star of "Free Solo" and co-founder of Outwild

Bring shār to your office, with you in your car or wherever you need a healthy snack on the go.

Stacey Lakind, multisport athlete, Mom

The most delicious trail mix I’ve ever eaten. It’s fantastic.

Fiona Lopez, Melbourne, Australia

Good for your body & good on your conscience.

Kristen Floten, Manager, Royal Blue Grocery

The trail mix here is hands down the best I've ever had. It is organic, non gmo, and delicious.

Mariona Maxona

Top notch trail mix! Unbeatable.

Eric Witmer

shār the love