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Welcome to the Future of Sustainable packaging - plastic-free!
All packaging is 100% plastic-free
NEW! Chocolate Clusters!

A plastic-free tube for the planet

Our first-of-its-kind shār-tube was innovated with the human footprint — and how we can reduce it — in mind. With the outdoor enthusiast in mind, we were inspired to create an on-the-go vessel that is convenient, reusable, and biodegradable.

Convenient: The on-the-go iconic tube is created for convenience and fits in the side pocket of your backpack or your car’s cup holder

Reusable: Rather than one-and-done, it’s refillable up to a year so you can refill it with more trail mix or whatever is of value to you.

Biodegradable: When you are ready to recycle it, everything that constitutes the tube - the ink, the glue, the paper will biodegrade in the ground in 6-9 months.

Details about our compostable packaging


A sustainable snacking system for the ages

The shār-tube is like a super hero, doing great things all on its own, but when paired with shār-bag and shār-jar, now you’re talking Avengers-level sustainability. We call it our sustainable snacking system, and it allows you to order, store, and adventure with our hand-crafted trail mix, while keeping your impact in mind. Here’s how it works:

Climate Neutral Certified

We are a certified carbon neutral company.

1% For The Planet

Sharing 1% of our sales to non-profits making sure our planet thrives.

The Conservation Alliance

We are members of and donate 20% of our net profits.

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