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While shār snacks has really been a lifetime in the making, in 2013, we embarked in earnest on a journey to create a good-for-you snack that was also good for the planet — and its people. Of course, it wouldn’t matter how good it was for everyone if it didn’t also taste fantastic.

To ensure amazing flavor that also met our high standards for nutrition and ethical business, we spent the next three years tracking down the best possible ingredients and perfecting our recipe. We toiled at our kitchen table in the heart of Austin, Texas, mixing, weighing, and tasting various combinations until we landed on the ideal calibration of taste, texture, and nourishment. It was a tough job, but someone had to taste all that trail mix.

The result of our labor of love: a snack so impossibly good, you’ll want to shār.

Free-spirited snacking sourced responsibly

Our mixes are 100% organic, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, non-GMO, and never contain preservatives. None of which would be possible without the partnership of family farms and growers who share our commitment to the planet (and ridiculously tasty snacks). Like us, they specialize in small-batch production and are committed to ethical practices in their work. It’s a match made in trail mix heaven.

Want to learn more?

Big Tree Organics
turlock, CA
from sunny turlock, california
from the sunny almond groves in the heart of California’s central valley come our crunchy whole almonds, certified organic and kosher by growers who put sustainability and environmental stewardship at the heart of what they do. with an impressive cv of health benefits, related to blood pressure and cholesterol among many others, almonds were a shoo-in for us. it was just finding the right ones. great we got these winners.
Rio Grande Organics
quemado valley, TX
from the home of pecans, texas
from the land of pecans, texas, where they thrive in the long, hot summers, ours are always current harvest and clean dry-roasted so way fresher and more nutrient-dense than usual. once a delicacy (we can see why), these buttery whole nuts (technically a fruit) are rich in flavor and bursting with naturally occurring fiber, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, b vitamins, protein and those all-important fatty acids.
Dongnai Farms
dongnai, vietnam
naturally whole & crunchy
what we love about our cashews is that they’re totally as nature intended, clean dry roasted with no additives of any kind. from a small organic farm in the lush, tropical climate of vietnam, they’re from a trusted supplier who’s been doing this for 25 years. these whole cashews are naturally rich in protein, fiber and minerals such as copper, magnesium, vitamin b6 and selenium.
Santa Barbara Pistachios
santa barbara, CA
nuggets of californian sunshine
we struck lucky when we found this family grown and harvested in santa barbara, california, these green nuggets of goodness (technically seeds not nuts) are packed full of protein, fiber, vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin b6, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium. need we go on…
Wild Blueberry
Royal Ridge Fruit
royal city, WA
from the beautiful columbia basin
certified organic, harvested at their absolute peak then naturally air-dried, our whole blueberries are low in calories and high in nutrients. long-hailed a superfood, they’re bursting with antioxidants. berry royalty indeed. ours come from the columbia basin where the soil and climate produce the best wild blueberries.
Montmorency Cherry
Royal Ridge Fruit
royal city, WA
tart & juicy from washington
we source ours from a third generation organic farm in washington state where conditions are just perfect for growing these famously tart berries. hailing from ancient greece and persia back in the day, we’re now lucky enough to find them right here in the us, ripe montmorencies delivering a serious antioxidant hit and health benefits for the heart, brain and sleep.
Whole Cranberry
Cape Farm Supply
cape cod, MA
grown & harvested in cape cod
leo, our cranberry guy, did we mention him? he’s the powerhouse behind these antioxidant goodies. farming out of cape cod, Massachusettes in the heartland of cranberry country, these are ideal conditions for the perfect harvest - known for vitamin c, our whole berries also pack some serious fiber and minerals too.
Dark Chocolate Chip
Guittard Chocolate
san francisco, CA
from a west coast artisan
artisan chocolate in trail mix? absolutely. seek out these chips of chocolatey superfood goodness, 55% cocoa, from our fifth generation chocolatier in San Francisco, small-batch all the way and fair trade-certified. this family has been making chocolate since 1868, that’s a lot of experience, and this dairy-free dark chocolate is choc-full of antioxidants and, yes it’s true, minerals.
Coconut Flake
Katana Farms
katana, sri lanka
from lush, tropical groves
for this one, we had to cast our net wider. no coconut groves here in the u.s. so ours are from an organic farm in sri lanka. we had to look long and hard for this one. it had to play well with all the other strong characters in our cast, pitch-perfect in texture, taste and format. unsweetened, of course.